New Technologies

Schlumberger Pulsar Multifunction spectroscopy service

Get openhole logging quality in cased hole environments Pulsar multifunction spectroscopy service pairs multiple detectors with a high-output pulsed neutron generator to provide stand-alone cased hole formation evaluation and reservoir saturation monitoring—all with a single tool. The result is comprehensive reservoir rock and fluid content data that is comparable to data acquired during openhole logging to improve your completion designs and maximize production.

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Weatherford debuts Centro well delivery data platform

Weatherford International introduced Centro, a holistic approach to effectively managing complex wellsite operations digitally

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Halliburton Releases NitroForce™ High Torque, High Flow Drilling Motor

Technology drills faster and saves well time

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Explosion Proof Battery Charger designed for harsh environment by APS

Applied Power Systems (APS), an industry leader in power conversion and energy storage solutions, has launched its latest three phase industrial battery charger, the BC-6964 Charger designed for hazardous location applications requiring Class I Div I or Div II equipment.

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Streaming well test data retriever introduced by Halliburton days ago.

Halliburton Company announced SPIDRlive Self-Powered Intelligent Data Retriever, an unconventional well testing and fracture interaction monitoring technology that acquires real-time well data without the need for intervention to reduce costs and improve fracture understanding for greater recovery.

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Penspen and QiO Technologies announce their partnership with launch of THEIA

Penspen has developed THEIA in partnership with QiO Technologies as an environment for pipeline operators across the world to access Penspen’s expertise in defect assessment and asset integrity management.

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PixStar™ High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Service by Halliburton

Halliburton released its PixStar High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Service, a new logging-while-drilling technology that provides real-time images of the borehole to help operators identify fractures, improve wellbore stability and optimize completion design.

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Schlumberger Introduces At-Bit Steerable System for Drilling Horizontal Wells in a Single Run

NeoSteer at-bit steerable system design integrates a unique cutting structure and steering mechanisms

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