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PixStar™ High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Service by Halliburton

Published on : 2020-02-21

Halliburton released its PixStar High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Service, a new logging-while-drilling technology that provides real-time images of the borehole to help operators identify fractures, improve wellbore stability and optimize completion design.

Enhance reservoir understanding: more pixels, greater visibility

When drilling in oil-based mud, you often lack high-quality images to make informed decisions. Halliburton Sperry Drilling introduces the PixStar™ high-resolution ultrasonic imaging service, a logging-while-drilling (LWD) technology which provides high-resolution, acoustic amplitude images in oil-based muds (OBM) and water-based muds (WBM) to identify fractures, geological features, and borehole size and shape, helping you improve wellbore stability and optimize completions, maximizing your asset value.

Identify fractures, plan your frac program

Knowing the location of natural fracture networks and frac clusters, you can plan your hydraulic fracture and completions programs, maximizing production efficiency. With the PixStar service, you can visualize all of the details of your borehole, and identify changes in structure and lithology.

Improve wellbore stability, minimize risk

Understanding the borehole size and shape enables you to optimize drilling parameters and mud weight, and prevent wellbore washout or breakout, and minimize formation damage.

Place packers accurately, optimize completions

Borehole size and shape analysis is used to calculate total cement volume, enabling safe and efficient cement operations, and helping you improve packer placement and optimizing your overall completions design.

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