Medical Convoy in Ras Gharib, Eastern Desert sponsored by Kuwait Energy

Published on : 2019-10-26

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives,Kuwait Energy sponsored two-day intense medical convoys on 21-22 June, 2019 at Ras Gharib Hospital. A wide range of specialized medical care which included physical examinations by doctors, free minor surgical procedures and interventions and medicines was provided for the underprivileged community in the area.

About 1048 patients were treated at the first medical convoy which offered diverse services by medical specialists such as ENT specialists (Ear Nose Throat or otolaryngology specialist), Gastroenterologists, pediatricians, dermatologists, orthopedic experts and urologists. The convoy of medical consultants also included several doctors specializing in certain diseases who conducted medical checkups, undertook basic laboratory tests as well as X-Rays for patients who needed them for diagnostic purposes. The employees of Kuwait Energy also volunteered their time to assist doctors, spread awareness about the convoyand share information about disease prevention with local families. During the camp, a pop-up pharmacy that dispensed free medication was also installed to facilitate patients.Apart from the medical staff, there was also a group of non-medical volunteers who facilitated the work of the medical practitioners and assisted them.

The second medical convoywas a more specialized unit for Ophthalmology specialists. A total of 578 patients were treated and provided 1,844 ophthalmology services which included 49 surgeries and a follow up in August which entailed provision of 286 medical glasses to patients for a clean vision.

This medical convoy was the second in a row with the joint initiative of MisrElKheir Foundation in partnership with NahdetBaladna& El Fardous Foundations to dispatch well-equipped mobile medical convoys in rural areas across the country to serve communities that lack access to quality medical services. 

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