Volume 22nd March - May 2015

Potential Environmental Impacts in Petroleum Industry

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Volume 21st December 2014

Drilling HPHT Offshore Well Using Managed Pressure Drilling Technology throughout a field case study

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Volume 20th September 2014

The Fracture Characterization and Fracture Modeling of a Tight Carbonate Reservoir

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Volume 19th June 2014

Experimental Investigation of Formation Damage Associated with Completion and Workover Fluids in Bahariya Formation, Western Desert, Egypt

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Volume 18th March 2014

Current Applications of Nanotechnology for Improved Oil Recovery & Laser Applications in Drilling and Completing Oil and Gas Wells

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Volume 17th December 2013

NMR Laboratory Measurements of Effective Porosity, Pore size Distribution and Internal Geometry of Complex Reservoir Rocks

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Volume 16th September 2013

Benefits and Applications of Nanotechnology in Oil Industries: Upstream and Downstream Operations in Egypt

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Volume 15th February 2013

Report Expected Price of Crude Oil to Stabilize In 2013 Between $90 and $125 Per Barrel with an Average Price about $111

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