OPEC+ to stick to oil output policy in next meet

The world major oil producers are expected to stick to their policy of restricting production when they convene in their next meeting

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Egypt Pioneers Vehicle Conversion to Natural Gas: A Step towards Cleaner Fuels

A ground-breaking initiative is unfolding in Egypt, where an innovative strategy is being employed to reduce the country reliance on traditional fuels. Spearheaded by Tarek El Molla

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Egypt’s petroleum sector achieves major milestones in 2023

In a landmark year for its energy sector, Egypt has signed a total of 29 oil and gas exploration agreements in 2023

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20 Countries With The Largest Natural Gas Reserves in 2023

In this piece, we will take a look at the 20 countries with the largest natural gas reserves in 2023.

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Egypt may stop LNG exports, tightening EU supply – experts

Europe gas balance may tighten this winter due to turmoil in the Middle East as Egypt is expected to stop LNG exports amid lower supply from Israel and lower domestic production, experts said this week.

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Western Companies Look To Grow Influence In Egyptian Oil And Gas

Given the enormous ground that the U.S. literally and metaphorically lost in the Middle East in recent years, any strategy it attempted to regain some or all its previous influence across the region had to be clever, concerted, and multi-layered, and so it is transpiring to be

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7 Leading Solar Energy Companies Revolutionizing Egypt’s Renewable Energy Landscape

Electric power generation is the second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

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Will Egypt Continue LNG Exports to Energy-Thirsty Europe?

It is hard to imagine that Egypt, currently the world’s 12th largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), is suffering an acute domestic fuel shortage. But power blackouts have been the norm this summer. The government announced several measures to ease the crisis, including outages and mandatory work-from-home days for civil servants.

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