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Schlumberger: EGAS centralizes, increases access to 25 TB of data

Published on : 2020-10-08

Schlumberger Case Study: ProSource E&P data management and delivery system enhances data security, digitization, and accessibility.

Challenge: Decrease time-consuming activities in data preparation for internal use and license rounds data sales and review.

Solution: Implement ProSource E&P data management and delivery system to provide a single, secure database for 25 TB of E&P data to streamline data access and maximize data value.

Results: Improved access to data through the ProSource system increased EGAS’s ability to:

  • manage the entire life cycle of E&P data
  • use powerful analysis tools for reviewing, comparing, joining, merging, and updating data
  • secure data
  • cross-reference available information quickly.

Combining widely distributed multiple data sources

Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) is an entity mandated to manage the natural gas activities in the country and issue exploration licenses in the Mediterranean Sea, onshore Nile Delta, and in the North Sinai region. EGAS has more than 25 TB of subsurface and regulatory data for more than 700 wells. However, a single database did not exist for managing, storing, and archiving data. Because the data was housed in multiple disparate sources or formats, data access and security were top concerns for EGAS. Personnel had to perform multiple searches and use multiple logins, passwords, and workflows to access the data. Multiple versions of the data also existed, consuming huge disk space and time for verification. To overcome these issues, EGAS chose Schlumberger to provide a solution for centralizing its data.

Maximizing value of E&P data

EGAS needed to revisit its methodology and procedures for log data archival, storage, loading, and validation to meet user demands. After discussing possible solutions, a plan was developed to centralize the log information and optimize data transfer to its core applications using the ProSource E&P data management and delivery system.

EGAS’s information management personnel needed to collect, find, edit, manage, and transfer data quickly and easily, while subsurface personnel needed to access a complete set of quality-assured, approved reference and interpretive data through a single point of access. The ProSource system helped meet the needs of these users by providing

  • a centralized database to accommodate different types of EGAS data
  • standardized workflows for managing and handling the data through a single interface
  • reduced time to search and find required data
  • increased data quality, leading to better decision making with reduced risk
  • capability to import data to different E&P applications
  • ability to export data to standard format files data preservation with security and disaster recovery.

The unified ProSource system enabled a wide variety of information, including well log and seismic data, to be consolidated and integrated into a common repository in which comparisons and modifications could be made and the likelihood of data duplication reduced. The common utilities and workflows in the ProSource system enhanced usability and user efficiency. The Seabed E&P open data model and database was also used with the ProSource system to build the structure for an integrated working environment.

ProSource Front Office interface, table view, and GIS view for well data.

Improved access to a complex data environment

The powerful combination of the ProSource system and the Seabed database helped EGAS team to

  • manage the entire life cycle of E&P data—from original format to trusted and assured corporate master reference sources
  • use powerful analysis tools to review, compare, join, merge, and update data in the ProSource system and other repositories
  • increase data security through comprehensive entitlements functionality
  • cross-reference available information quickly across multiple data stores.

With this deployment, EGAS benefited from having multiple means to query and view data from ProSource system data stores and other federated repositories to support visualization of key data types in specific workflows.

The ProSource system was extended to connect to ArcMap® to enable EGAS teams to edit the concessions, add legends, and perform other drawings on different layers. The layers can then be populated to the ProSource system and used in different data viewers.

As a result, storage of bulk data directly in the database enabled consistent data handling, security, and backup and recovery, while the use of industry standard GIS technolgies, including Esri® ArcGis®, provided unprecedented integration with an enterprise GIS.

This approach to data integration and the ProSource system enabled a broader range of EGAS internal disciplines to contribute to the corporate data store, which enhanced data availability and provided significant time saved on searching for information through

  • optimized and comprehensive data storage, preserving corporate investment
  • effective corporate workflows
  • reduced administration costs and data delivery time to different E&P applications
  • improved user experience through better visualization in ProSource Front Office.

It is now easier and faster to access rights and privileges and achieve limited access to secure data.

(Source: Schlumberger)

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