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Schlumberger OneStim wireline pumpdown perforating (PDP) services

Published on : 2020-04-27

(OneStim wireline pumpdown perforating (PDP) services) deliver industry-leading efficiency in North America with experienced wellsite teams. It is used for multistage stimulation in unconventional wells.

Pumpdown perforating is a wireline-conveyed method of completing horizontal wells. Fluid pumped from surface is used to convey a plug and perforating guns to a desired depth, where the plug is set and guns are fired, creating tunnels through the casing and cement and into the formation. The perforations provide reservoir access for subsequent fracturing operations.

As the oil and gas industry landscape evolves, OneStim wireline PDP has started deploying the electric pumpdown perforating fleets, which deliver fully electric-capable services without compromising efficiency, quality, or safety and reduce our overall wellsite footprint.

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