Egyptian Maintenance Company (San Masr) reviews 2019 business results

Published on : 2020-03-24

Engineer Tariq Al Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, affirmed that supporting specialized petroleum projects maintenance companies and investing in building their human cadres achieves vital goals for the petroleum sector, foremost of which is increasing production and optimal exploitation of assets and equipment as well as achieving security and safety in installations and productive sites.

 He explained that the ongoing maintenance programs are an essential pillar to achieve these goals, noting that the petroleum sector companies specialized in petroleum maintenance work achieve a great benefit to the sector and meet its needs of specialized maintenance work quickly and efficiently, and that the performance of these companies and their application to the highest quality standards in the implementation of their work has achieved a reputation Distinguished regionally and led to its success in storming new markets outside Egypt in the Arab and African countries, supported by its broad experience and qualified cadres.

 This came during a meeting of the General Assembly of the Egyptian Maintenance Company (San Masr) in the presence of Eng. Abed Azal Al-Regal, CEO of the Petroleum and Accounting Authority, Nermin Abdel-Fattah, first representative of the Central Auditing Agency and a number of sector leaders.

 Eng. Mohamed Shimy, President of San masr, explained during the association’s work that the results of the strategic plan 2019-2021 are in line with the petroleum sector strategy to achieve excellence, sustainability and digital transformation to raise the efficiency of infrastructure for all the company's operations, which resulted in 17.5 million safe working hours for 2019 by applying the concept of safety A lifestyle and following the highest quality standards as a method of work in the scope of its work inside and outside Egypt, which was reflected in the increase in performance indicators, revenues and profitability, indicating that the year 2019 witnessed a diversification of business and the signing of new agreements for partnership with major international companies, which leads to support the petroleum sector For technical and technology according to the highest levels, as well as to conclude new contracts and win tenders in the areas of comprehensive maintenance contracts and maintenance of offshore installations, maintenance and turbine and business development workshops, and specialized services and technical support to projects.

 The President of San Masr pointed to its success at the local level during 2019 in completing a large number of projects in the oil and gas sector, the most important of which is the establishment of the compressor station in the Desouk field gas development project and the completion of the gas pressure station in its second phase in the Faraskour field of the Al-Wastani Petroleum Company, as it has completed works Replacing and replacing some marine production platforms with GAPCO fields in the Gulf of Suez, in addition to modernizing control systems for a number of turbines in some of the production sites of GAPCO and Belaim and South Dabaa, and it also provided specialized technical cadres to carry out operations of some parts and units in the production complex Petrol at Asyut Petroleum Refining Company.

 He also pointed to her contribution to the work and projects in the electricity and railway sectors, as it rehabilitated the communication systems for the power stations in Samalout and Nag Hammadi, as well as renewing the contract to manufacture electronic cards for automatic train control systems using reverse engineering.

 He also reviewed what the company achieved outside Egypt, where it managed during the year 2019 to expand its activities in Iraq and Jordan and consolidate its presence in the African market through the state of Angola as well as in Algeria, pointing to the victory of Sun Egypt in tenders for comprehensive maintenance contracts for the production sites of the Italian company ENI in Basra Oil Company in Al-Zubair fields for a period of 3 years, in addition to additional work for the maintenance and operation of pressure and electric power stations, operation and control work for production stations, as well as a contract for equipment maintenance work, in addition to the development and renewal of the drinking water production unit at the Burjesia and El Baradia water station in Basra Governorate with a capacity of 4A FF cubic meters per hour in the Zubair region, and the design, supply and installation of a similar unit in Al-Baradia water station in Basra Governorate with a capacity of 8 thousand cubic meters per hour, in addition to a number of contracts with international companies such as the English company BP for reservoir maintenance in Basra Oil Company in Rumaila fields and Exxon American Mobil for the maintenance of rotating equipment in West Qurna field.

 He also clarified that the Sun of Egypt won a new contract in Jordan for the work of lifting and maintaining vessels transiting the project of constructing the marine slide in the new Aqaba port, in addition to a contract for operating and maintaining a power plant in the potash production plant in cooperation with Siemens for a period of ten years. The company also succeeded for the fifth year to continue to provide technical support To maintain the LNG plant for Petromar Saipem in Angola, in addition to continuing to provide technical support for the management and operation of specialized maintenance programs in the Hassi Messaoud field of the Sonatrach company in Algeria.

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