Petroleum Minister Discusses Boosting Field Productivity and New Discoveries with EGPC Leaders

Published on : 2024-07-07

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Karim Badawi, convened a meeting at the Ministry’s headquarters in the New Administrative Capital with key leaders from the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and the Ministry.

The meeting focused on strategies to address the challenges related to oil and gas production activities and discussed key measures to enhance production rates. The discussion also included efforts to improve the productivity of oil and gas fields and achieve new discoveries.

At the start of the meeting, Badawi stressed that increasing Egypt’s oil and gas resources is a primary goal, given their critical role as the main energy sources for the country. This growth is essential to meet the needs of citizens, particularly in providing electrical energy.

Badawi highlighted the significant role of the oil and gas sector in driving economic growth across all sectors, noting that energy is a crucial driver of economic development. He emphasized the need for collective efforts and teamwork to leverage all ideas, expertise, and technological methods to address the natural decline in production fields, halt it, and boost production rates.

Badawi stated that human resources at all petroleum sites are vital to achieving the goals of increased petroleum production. This necessitates supporting and motivating these teams to work with maximum efficiency to implement production enhancement plans. He also underscored the need to support the personnel responsible for planning and developing production programs by using optimal solutions and methods to improve and increase output.

The Minister pointed out the importance of maintaining a robust safety system in production fields and sites to ensure a safe working environment. He also emphasized the importance of transparency in identifying all challenges and leveraging all positive aspects to address them through coordinated efforts across different sectors within the petroleum industry, which play complementary roles.

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