EGAS intendes to deliver natural gas to more than 1.2 million housing units in egypt this year

Published on : 2020-02-27

 Engineer Tariq Al Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, affirmed that the petroleum sector continues the path of success and comprehensive development, maximizing the benefit of Egypt's natural wealth and assets in a sustainable manner, increasing its revenues and good management to contribute to achieving sustainable development and the goals of "Egypt Vision 2030", where natural gas is one of the most important sources of energy, It is a major artery for many strategic industries such as petrochemicals, fertilizers and iron, which maximizes the added value of natural gas, in addition to that it is the main source of energy for power stations, as it represents 96% of the total needs of power stations. Egypt is based upon the march of the national economy to achieve the goals and growth rates and improving trade balance and contribute to raising the living standards of citizens.

 This came during the presidency of the Minister of Petroleum for the General Assembly of the Egyptian Holding Company for Natural Gas "EGAS" in the presence of the geologist Ashraf Faraj, the first Undersecretary of the Ministry for Agreements and Exploration and Engineer Abed Ezz El-Rijal, CEO of the Petroleum and Chemical Authority, Saad Hilal, President of the Holding Company for Petrochemicals and Vice-Chairs of EGAS for operations, production, exploration, internal trade, financial and accountant Nabawiya Ahmed, first agent of the Central Auditing Organization, and Muhammad Jubran, head of the General Syndicate for Petroleum Sector Workers.

 Al-Mulla explained that ambitious work programs are currently being implemented to maximize and increase the rates of natural gas production, noting that the year 2019/2020 witnessed a boom in Egypt's natural gas production in light of the ministry’s plan to accelerate plans to develop discovered gas fields and put them on the production map to meet the needs of the local market and meet With the contractual obligations of natural gas, he added that Egypt's production of natural gas increased as a result of the completion of several projects, notably the Zohr field, phase (9B) and the Revin fields.

 Al-Mulla pointed to the efforts of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in setting a clear strategy and vision to attract and pump more investments in developing discoveries, implementing new projects, offering international auctions, and signing petroleum agreements, which contribute to reducing financial burdens and providing hard currency for the various developmental sectors of the state, indicating that the successes achieved Gas discoveries in the Mediterranean encouraged and motivated international companies to speed up the search for oil and gas in the concession areas adjacent to those discoveries, and directed Mulla to be sustainable in the work of developing and raising the efficiency of the national gas network To accommodate additional natural gas quantities and achieve Egypt's national project to become a regional center for trade and trading of natural gas.

 During the meeting, Eng. Osama Al-Baqli, the company Chairman reviewed what has been accomplished during the first half of the year 2019/2020, where he explained that 5 exploratory wells have been drilled and 5 other wells are being drilled with a total investment of $ 234 million, and 5 new petroleum agreements have been signed with major International companies, in addition to two agreements, their procedures are being finalized, 8 projects have been completed and completed, and 3 development wells have been put into production at initial rates of one billion cubic feet per day.

 With regard to the consumption of the various sectors of the country from natural gas, he indicated that the consumption of the electricity sector represents about 59% of the total consumption of natural gas, while the rest of the sectors consuming gas (industry, homes, auto supply, petroleum and its derivatives) represent about 41%, and added that the rates of natural gas delivery to homes There has been an unprecedented boom during the first half of the year, amounting to 630 housing units and supplying 31 industrial customers with natural gas and 1045 commercial consumers. About 25 thousand cars were converted to work with natural gas and the completion of the construction of 5 auto gas supply stations.

 Also, the President of EGAS reviewed the plan for its implementation during the second half of 2019/2020, indicating that it is planned to complete the drilling of 5 exploration wells and start drilling 4 wells for IOC, Burullus, Edison and Sea Dragon companies in the Mediterranean and Nile Delta with total expected forms of about $ 179 million. And the implementation of 3 projects with a total of 9 wells and put 5 development wells on production at initial production rates of about 1.2 billion cubic feet per day, as a plan to deliver natural gas to 570 thousand housing units and that it is intended to deliver natural gas to 86 villages and new areas that will be entered by natural gas for the first time has been connected Natural gas to 39 of it A remainder of 47 areas, conversion of 25 thousand cars and construction of 15 auto gas supply stations.

 Al-Baqali reviewed the most important features of the planning budget project for the year 2020/2020, where he explained that it is planned to drill 10 wells in the Nile Delta and the Mediterranean Sea with a total investment of about 328 million dollars, sign 7 new agreements with a total investment of about 690 million dollars and grant the signature of 16 million dollars during the research periods, in addition To sign 4 development contracts with a total grant of 20 million dollars, as it is planned to implement two new projects and complete a project with a total of 4 wells in addition to 38 growth wells with a total initial production of about 537 million cubic feet per day, bringing the average production plan to about 7.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day and more than 100 Thousand barrels remain S.

 He added that during the year 2020/2021, it is intended to deliver natural gas to more than 1.2 million housing units in various governorates of the Republic, at an investment cost of about 4.7 billion pounds, in addition to delivering gas to 100 factories and 1,000 commercial customers, converting 50,000 cars to work with natural gas and construct 36 new stations to supply the cars .

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