TAG Oil Co. Announces Re-Completion of Egyptian Badr Oil Field

Published on : 2023-03-11

TAG Oil said that it has commenced re-completion in the existing vertical well BED 1-7 in its Badr Oil Field in the Western Desert of Egypt.

A re-completion involves modifying the configuration of an existing well completion to target a new or additional hydrocarbon reservoir zone. It can be both a complex and cost-effective way to increase production from existing wells and extend the economic life of an oil field.

TAG Oil said the plan is to do a diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT) in the Abu Roash F (ARF) reservoir to check injection and leak-off properties of the oil well and then assess and analyze its production performance after stimulating the well and installing lift equipment to unload the well.

Re-completion results will be released in March — the data of which will improve reservoir forecasts and the design of its planned first horizontal well in apx May/June 2023.

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