Empowering Women in Energy: United Energy Egypt Unveils "Women in Influence" WII Network

Published on : 2024-06-05

United Energy Egypt is proud to announce the successful launch of the "Women in Influence" (WII) event on Wednesday, May 29th, at its premises in collaboration with Carerha. The event marked the inauguration of the WII Network, specifically tailored for women in the energy sector and other male-dominated industries The WII network aims to connecting women professionals in the energy industry, elevating women’s leadership and skills, celebrating women excellence and achievements at all career levels and working towards closing the gender gap to achieve equal opportunities.

The WII event at United Energy Egypt marked a significant milestone in the company's commitment to fostering gender equality and empowering women in the energy sector. With impactful talks and powerful sessions to insightful discussions, practical advices, and inspiring stories, the event highlighted the importance of support, collaboration, and resilience among women professionals. 

A panel discussion titled "Mentoring and Initiatives: Empowering Women in the Energy Industry" featured industry experts and keynote speakers from various male-dominated industries. The panelists discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion in creating a resilient oil and gas industry, the unique challenges women face in balancing work and personal life, and existing initiatives supporting women in the workplace.

The day concluded with an art therapy activity, allowing participants to visualize their inner feelings through art. 

Eng. Kamel El Sawi, President of United Energy Egypt, commented "The energy sector is always welcoming new ideas and initiatives to be launched, and I firmly believe that this network will foster an environment where innovation and collaboration can thrive. By empowering women and promoting diversity, we are paving the way for a more resilient and dynamic industry."

United Enthrive andremains dedicated to continuing this journey, providing a platform for women to thrive, and driving positive change within the industry.